Customer Testimonials

“I appreciate their attention to detail. They are willing to work with us on our schedule that seems to change very quickly” – Senior Living/MC

“Working with the NaCom team has been a true pleasure, they make the job much easier” – Education/Campus

“Always diligent and perform very well. Compliments to the techs and their commitment to a job well-done” – Financial/Banking

“I want to take a moment and let you know personally, that the cabling project could not have gone better. As we’ve discussed during planning, there was a concern about completing the project in a work environment during work hours. The crew was able to run and install all of the new cables without affecting our productivity.” – Industrial/Manufacturing

Thanks to your calm acceptance of the situation and the exhaustive efforts of Amber, Justin, you and the rest of the crew, we met our first Day of Service deadline.” – Healthcare

“Every part of the job, every floor, every cable was important. All of you worked in concert with the other trades to ensure expectations of each portion of the job was completed in a timely mannerThe team effort and communication among you all was truly a blessing and made the whole project run so smoothly.” Government/Municipality

The miles of cable installed, the number of terminations made, the vertical fiber and cable that was installed would have been intimidating to any number of low voltage vendorsbut not to NaCom.” – Enterprise/Corporate Office

The high level of quality of work and your customer service are so refreshing in a trade that can be difficult to deal with at times.   am so happy to say that NaCom is one of the finest vendors have ever worked with.” – Warehouse/Supply Chain